Tatoosh Yacht – For the Best Yachting Experience

There are many people who find yachting to be a very unique and special experience. A yacht can help you have a luxury, private vacation. This can be a big difference to the way you travel. You can design your own vacation and travel itinerary with a yacht. With the amenities available on yachts, guests can also fully enjoy their luxuries. A yacht trip is an elegant, comfortable and unique way to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Read more now on yacht provisioning mallorca

The Tatoosh

Tatoosh, a 301-foot private yacht, is the 26th largest yacht in the world. Nobiskrug constructed the yacht at Rendsburg, Germany. The yacht’s construction was completed in 2000. Kusch Yachts has designed and built the yacht. When it was bought in 2001, the Tatoosh cost $100 million. The Tatoosh is operated by 35 crew members and can travel 5,000 nautical mile without refuelling.

Tatoosh offers the ultimate in luxury as you can see from its design, amenities and features. Tatoosh has been designed with great attention to detail, and has taken into consideration the needs and comfort of all guests. The yacht is for sale. The yacht is available for sale. The Tatoosh Yacht is designed for those who are looking to have the best yachting experience.


The Tatoosh offers a luxurious accommodation. Terence Disdale designed her interiors in a Hamptons-style elegance. All of the guest suites have been designed with great care and attention to the comfort of guests. The vessel has five decks and can accommodate 24 guests over night in 12 bedrooms. The top deck is where the master suite and the guest cabins are located. On the main deck, there is a ladies’ powder room, staterooms, dining area, and a relaxing saloon. The guest cabins have spacious bathrooms and are all equipped with en-suites.


The Tatoosh has some of the most interesting amenities and facilities you can find on a yacht. The yacht features a swimming-pool with an adjustable floor. The pool is on the main deck, under a full-overhang. A movie theater is available on board, as well as the ability to transport two helicopters. Other amenities include power and sail boats, sea-doos and the latest communication equipment.