The Right Piano To Buy

Here are some suggestions on choosing the right piano for someone who wants to learn or you. You’ll need to choose between a grand or upright piano if you don’t want an electric one.

It should be an enjoyable experience to try out different kinds of pianos and see what you enjoy. Finding the perfect piano can be a challenge for most musicians. However, once you find one that suits your style and personality it is possible to build a long-lasting relationship. If you are looking for a new piano or a used piano, please visit Hilton Piano Center for more information.

What should you consider when buying a new piano?

The difference between upright and grand

You should choose between an upright or grand piano based on how much space is available in your house. The size and shape of the piano should also be taken into consideration, as well as any furniture or appliances you may have.

A wooden upright piano usually has multiple measurements. A piano’s height can vary from 37″ up to 53″. The higher the piano is, the better the sound. As they are upright, the pianos take up less room on your floor. This is because of their vertical storage compartment. An upright piano’s sides and rear are both flat and straight. This makes it easier to put against a wall, or even in the corner of a space. Each string is usually hung vertically, and the hammer hits horizontally. It produces good sounds on every hit. However, for repeating notes the sound is slower as it hits against gravity.

There are many sizes for grand pianos, from small baby grands all the way up to large concert grands that can be used by an orchestra or musical ensemble in a theater. This style gives it a beautiful, elegant look. Like the action, there are many differences between the upright and the hammer-driven pianos. They are laid out horizontally with the hammer striking it vertically. It produces a consistent, controlled sound that is preferred by both amateur and professional players.

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The quality of the piano’s action, as we have already mentioned, is crucial to its performance. It is the amount of pressure required to push a particular key and its speed in returning to rest that determines how comfortable it will be to play. The grand is a better choice for music that involves repetitive notes, as the gravity helps with the pressure. Upright pianos produce harder, distinct tones.


The upright pianos have a smaller size and are therefore more portable than the grand pianos. Although upright pianos can be more mobile, their size varies greatly.


The sound of upright pianos is more powerful and fitting, while the sound of grands are lighter, softer and faster. The action, as well as key pressure creates these sounds because they both use different mechanisms.

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